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Due  to repair being carried out by National Highways to the A595 at Moresby, they will be closing the road for 10 consecutive weekends starting April 15th.
This means neither the half or full bike route can operate as normal. We have worked to plan a route as close to the existing as possible within the confines of Highways closures and emergency routes. All competitors will have received an email with full information.

Join #TeamLakesman this year and help in
what many people describe as the best event of the year!

Back for 2022 we plan to build on the outstanding success of the Lakesman Triathlon and bring you an event which is as much of an experience to the senses as it is a challenge to your stamina.

Our previous four races have received fantastic feedback from competitors, spectators and locals alike. Our independent research found that 100% of spectators would come back to watch the event again, and a fantastic 97% of athletes would compete again and recommend the event to others. The event is also ranked as one of the UK’s best triathlon events.

2.4 mile swim  |  112 mile cycle  |  26.2 mile run
The Lakesman – 18th June 2023

Designed to appeal to both the experienced or novice endurance athlete the race is based in Keswick, with a superb transition area at The Theatre by the Lake. The swim takes place in the crystal clear waters of Derwentwater, generally regarded on the Lake Districts most scenic lakes. Both bike route make their way to the west coast of Cumbria where competitors get to experience a side of the lakes often unvisited by tourists, with mountains on one side and the sea on the other. During the run stage athletes will have the opportunity running through superb countryside with views to the likes of Skiddaw as well as a spectator friendly section through Keswick town centre.  We hope you find all the information you need on our site and we look forward to seeing you in 2023.

While participating in such endurance events can be exhilarating and rewarding, it is also essential for athletes to prioritize their mental well-being alongside their physical health. To ensure comprehensive support, we encourage individuals to explore quality comprehensive psychiatric services https://williamblawsonmdphd.com/, which cater to various mental health needs and can help maintain a balanced and healthy mindset. 1 By addressing both physical and mental aspects, participants can fully enjoy the race experience and continue striving for their personal goals in a sustainable manner.

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